18 Reasons to Declutter and Get Organized

reasons Why you need to declutter and organize your stuff with a professional organizer

Thanks to Tidying up With Marie Kondo, most of the nation is now at least familiar with the idea that there are professionals eager to help sort and organize the items in your home. (If you are not familiar with the KonMari method and deciding what sparks joy, have no fear. You can obsess with the rest of us over on Netflix.)

We are Professional Organizers. And we really do get excited by clutter - because we know that behind the clutter is an opportunity to improve our clients’ lives.

A quick disclaimer: Not all of us work in the same way as Marie (although she is delightful). Just like interior designers we all have our own style, influences, and preferences. We don’t make you get rid of all your things but we can help you make informed decisions about what to let go of. Some professional organizers prefer to invest in all new organizational systems, while others like to make use of what you already have. Some organizers seriously enjoy sorting art supplies by color. Others focus on creating systems to help your home run smoothly.

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When hiring a professional organizer, you should choose somebody that can compliment your personality, sense of style, and help you reach your goals. However, at the end of the day, our goal is to provide a solution in an area of life that has been complicated by disorganization.

So do people actually hire Professional Organizers? Yes. When you live and work in organized spaces, you are not just “organized,” you are actually better at managing your time, saving money, reducing stress, increasing productivity, and improving relationships. It’s also simply convenient being organized.

18 Reasons to Declutter and Get Organized

Save Time   Are you constantly “picking up” and “cleaning” your house? (An organized home can be tidied up in just a few minutes!)  Stop spending hours each week staring at your closet, wondering what to wear.  No more searching for items that are lost or misplaced.   Save Money   When everything has a home, you don’t purchase duplicates of items because you can’t find the original (or you forgot you even had the original).  Stop paying late fees because you have a system for paying bills on time.  Food no longer goes to waste because your pantry is organized and you know how to meal plan.   Reduce Stress   Mental clutter can actually improve after clearing out physical clutter (Science says so!).  Get help with strategic packing before a move and complete unpacking and organizing after a move.  When you know where everything is and that everything fits, packing for a vacation just got super easy.   Increase Productivity   You no longer have a junk room. Instead you have a designated office space to work.  You know exactly where important papers are when you need them.  All of your business supplies and tools are in a logical and easy to access location (both physical and digital).   Organize for Convenience   Park in the garage (woot!).  Each of your food storage containers has a matching lid.  Get out of the house without searching for your car keys, backpacks and coats.   Improve Relationships   Become less distracted by your surroundings and focus on your kids.  Stop being embarrassed to have company over.  Clear the clutter off your dining room table and eat together as a family.

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