+ What is a Professional Organizer?

At Refreshed Home Organizing, LLC, we help families reclaim spaces in their home. We provide expertise on how to improve functionality of your home through decluttering and organizing services. We also create systems that will improve your day-to-day life, such as managing mail, office paperwork, school materials, home management binders, command centers, meal planning, etc.

+ What are the benefits of hiring a Professional Organizer?

Being disorganized, living near clutter, or working in dysfunctional spaces can cause stress, waste time, and hamper your finances. Sometimes our clients simply struggle with organizing skills, while other times life circumstances have caused clutter to accumulate in our homes. Major transitions such as the birth of a new child, the loss of a family member, the beginning of the school year, or the start of a new job can leave us feeling overwhelmed. By hiring a Professional Organizer, you are investing in your family and home. We can help you learn new organizational skills, implement systems within your home, or simply provide a fresh reset after a major life change. Decluttering and organizing often leads to saved time, saved money, reduced stress, and increased productivity.

+ What should I expect when hiring Refreshed Home Organizing?

With each of our services we start with a free in-home or virtual consultation. At the consultation we will walk through your space, ask you a few questions, get a feel of what your goals are, and suggest a plan of action. For in-home services we will then schedule your sessions and get to work. We can either do the work ourselves, or work alongside you (although if you are wanting some tips and and guidance on how to improve your organization skills, we suggest you assist in the efforts).

After our time together is done, we will provide a written maintenance plan so you can keep your home in tip top shape.

+ What areas do you organize?

We work in nearly every area in the home: kitchens, closets, bedrooms, basements, garages, offices, toy or play rooms, family rooms. We also can help in small business offices, home classrooms, public classrooms and storage units.

+ How long does it take to get organized? How many sessions should I purchase?

This depends entirely on how large the space is, how quickly you make decisions, and your end-result goals. For most average homes, you can expect to complete a small space such as a pantry, closet, or small bedroom in one 3 hour session. We would be happy to give a better estimate at the consultation.

+ How much do your services cost?

Please visit our Services page for our current pricing.

+ We are selling our house. How can a Professional Organizer help?

We offer a wide range of services for homeowners. We can help with pre-move decluttering, strategic packing before the movers arrive, and complete post-move unpacking and organizing. Please feel free to Contact us with any additional questions on how we can help.

+ How should I prepare for your visit?

Please do not feel like you need to pick up before our consultation. We have seen all kinds of homes and will not judge where you are in your organization process. Please put any pets away. It may also help to think about what your goals and expectations are.

+ Do I have to get rid of all my stuff?

You have full control over deciding what items stay in your home and what leaves. If your space has quite a bit of clutter, it may be necessary to part with some things to achieve your organizational goals. We are here to provide support and guidance when making decisions on what to let go.

+ Where in my home should we start?

There are many ways to organize a home. Marie Kondo’s method of tidying up, or the KonMari method, has become very popular over the past couple of years. While we would be happy to help you organize by category, we also know that many families aren’t ready to start that process. During our in-home consultation we will discuss your goals and determine how best to start the process. That may be in a specific room or with a particular category.

+ Do I have to invest in new storage systems?

Not necessarily. Because we all often strive to live organized lives, we tend to collect bins, furniture, and containers that we can simply repurpose after organizing. We aim to use what you have before purchasing any new items.

However, there are times that you prefer to achieve a certain look (think streamlined closets with matching hangers, or Pinterest-worthy pantries). I am happy to offer product recommendations and/or go shopping to purchase products that will help you to achieve a specific aesthetic. (Our in-home organizing packages offer shopping for no additional charge, however, the client is responsible for reimbursing Refreshed Home Organizing, LLC for the cost of any purchased product.)

+ Is our work together confidential?

All of our work is 100% non-judgemental and confidential. We will ask questions about how you use the space in your home, your goals, daily habits, and how you envision your home running. Any information we learn about you, your family, or business will remain confidential.

We may ask for a testimonial or review after we finish working together. While some platforms such as Facebook and Google require your name to be published (and we truly appreciate your review!), we will never publish your full name on our website.

+ Where are your before and after pictures?

To respect the privacy of our clients, we do not publicly post before and after pictures on our website. If you are looking for examples of what we can do in your home, we would be happy to show you pictures of past projects, or, we can provide inspiration photos that match the space and style you are trying to achieve.

+ What areas do you service?

Refreshed Home Organizing provides organizing services throughout the Kansas City metro area. We are happy to travel to Belton, Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Greenwood, Independence, Kansas City, Lake Lotawana, Lake Winnebago, Lee’s Summit, Liberty, Oak Grove, Odessa, Raymore, Raytown and Sugar Creek.

We also provide virtual organizing services for those living outside the KC metro area.

+ How do I get started?

For more information about what our specific services include, check out our Services page.

To schedule your free consultation, or to ask any additional questions, please visit our Contact page.